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Because we consider you to be an important customer, our first priority is to offer you exceptional experiences and stays.

Your satisfaction and total confidence in MYTRIP PORTO are absolutely essential for us.

That is why, being committed to meeting your expectations, we have prepared, in accordance with the GDPR - General Regulation on Data Protection, a policy for the protection of your personal data. This plan formalizes our commitment to you and describes how we use your personal data.


In accordance with the regulations in force, namely the General Regulation on Data Protection adopted in Europe, we have established the following 10 principles for the processing of your data:

1 - Lawfulness: we use personal data if:
- we have obtained authorization from the person OR
- this is necessary for the performance of a contract of which the pe
rson is a party OR
- this is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation OR
- this is necessary to safeguard the person's vital interests OR
- defend a legitimate interest using personal data and such use does not affect the person's freedoms and interests.

2 - Loyalty: we explain how useful the personal data we collect is useful to us.

3 - Purposes determined and data minimization: we only collect personal data that is really necessary. If we can achieve the same result using less personal data, we guarantee that only that data will be used.


4 - Transparency: we inform the people involved about how we use their data.


5- We simplify the exercise of the rights of the people involved: access to data, rectification and elimination of data and opposition to data processing.

6 - Storage period: we store personal data for a limited period.

7 - We guarantee the security of personal data, that is, the respective integrity and confidentiality.

8 - If third parties have to use personal data, we guarantee that they can protect personal data.

9 - If personal data are to be transferred outside the European Union, we guarantee that this transfer is supported by the appropriate legal provisions.

10 - If personal data is compromised (lost, stolen, damaged, unavailable ...), we notify this violation to the competent data protection authorities and to the persons concerned, if the breach is likely to generate high risks to the rights and freedoms of people.

If you have any questions regarding MYTRIP PORTO 10 data protection principles, contact us.


At various times, we have to collect information about you or the people who accompany you, namely:

- contact information (for example, surname, first name, telephone number, e-mail);

- personal information (for example, date of birth, nationality);

- information related to your children (for example, first name, date of birth, age);

- your credit card number (for transactions and reservations);

- information on an identity card (for example, citizen's card, passport or driving license);

- your member number of the MYTRIP PORTO loyalty program;

- your departure and arrival days;

- your preferences and interests (eg smoking or non-smoking room, preferred floor, type of bed, type of magazines / newspapers, sports, cultural interests, food and drink preferences, etc.);

- your questions / comments during or after a stay at MYTRIP PORTO;

- technical and location information generated when using our sites and applications.

The information collected for persons under 16 years of age is limited only to surname, nationality and date of birth, and can only be provided to us by an adult. We appreciate that you make sure that your children do not send us any personal data without your consent (especially via the Internet).

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